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April 2013 Issue
The 2013 Green Awards
We’ve heard it questioned before: whether or not the idea of “going green” is just a trend in the business world. Will the momentum keep moving forward, inspiring others to follow until green business is the norm? Or will the popularity die down and...
Green Building, Bright Future
There may be challenges in the industry, but between the incentives and companies out there ensuring building sustainability is maintained, the landscape of South Jersey will continue to become more eco-friendly.
Take 5: How to Reduce Energy Costs in Your Workplace
It could be as simple as changing a light bulb, or it could be a matter of overhauling your power supply and making the switch to solar. No matter your budget or course of action, Joe Forline (pictured), vice president of customer relations for PSE&G,...
The Conference Room: Growing Season
This year is marked by a cautious eye on the commercial real estate recovery process, where a comeback is coming—albeit slowly. We went to two area professionals to ask their opinion on the local market and whether or not access to commercial loans...
Office Space: April, 2013
Using recycled materials in the office space is an easy way to help the environment, and whether you’re working for a startup with more constrained resources or you’re the head of a business with an established bankroll, companies with any type of budget...
On The Move
Comings, goings, hirings, retirings and more in South Jersey.
Rise to Power
Deregulation opened the electricity market to competition—but many South Jersey residents aren’t making the switch. Why is that?
The Business of Doing Good
South Jersey is full of successful, large-scale charity organizations. While they may be nonprofit, they mean business—especially in this tough economy.
Social Network, April 2013
South Jersey businesspeople and entrepreneurs socializing, networking and exchange
New Jersey American Water
The utility provider educates the region on the importance of infrastructure maintenance that will continue to deliver clean and reliable water to homes and businesses.
Parts Life Inc.
Supply Solutions: Parts Life, Inc., is a strategic partner in providing parts for the defense, aerospace and heavy-duty industries.
Focus on Energy
We know the companies highlighted in this year’s Green Issue are not alone—they’re just a sampling of those making strides in sustainability and eco-friendly business practices in South Jersey. That is why we present this Focus on Energy, showcasing...
Guide to Nonprofits
The term nonprofit can cover a wide variety of organizations, but they’re all the same in that—despite being nonprofit—they’re big businesses that make real change happen in South Jersey. These are just some of the companies responsible for transforming...
Who’s Building South Jersey?
Between contractors, engineers, landscapers and property managers, there are several fields playing a part in smart growth across our region. Here we put the spotlight on those companies, the ones that are maintaining what South Jersey has already accomplished,...
Outsourcing and Consulting Q & A
With health care reform, new technologies and rising costs, there are many challenges businesses face day in and day out. In a world where they have to move as quickly and efficiently as possible, it’s often wise to outsource some responsibilities or...