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April 2011 Issue
The Future Is Now
A business card used to include a simple formula: name, address, phone and fax. Then came e-mail addresses, URLs and even tiny CD-ROMs packed in card-size envelopes.
Breeding Business
Back in 2008, Cherry Hill’s DCM Architecture & Engineering was, the company’s president Eduardo Guzman thought, a business on the move.
Perfect Pitch
Courting investors for a new or growing endeavor? You’ll need a strong business plan, sound research and a great deal of savvy.
Business is Good
Philanthropy is more than just a tax write-off. Weave social responsibility into the core of your business practice, and the dividends could be surprising.
Let’s Do Lunch
The power lunch is a complicated art. Master it, and who knows what you can accomplish.
Close of Business: Technically Speaking…
The local business execs we interviewed for our cover story may be on the cutting edge of enterprise technology implementation today
The Corner Office: Edward Graham, South Jersey Industries
Since its beginnings a century ago as Atlantic City Gas Company, South Jersey Industries has evolved, surviving dramatic shifts in both the regional economy and the global energy market.
The Conference Room: Summer Hours?
Nothing beats skipping out of work at 1 p.m. on a Friday afternoon to beat Shore traffic—but are summer hours a smart business practice?
Office Space: April, 2011
Clocking In. A slow start can spoil your entire morning. Fortunately, we’ve found four out-of-the-ordinary alarm clocks that could be just the wake-up call you need.
Take 5: Five steps to a strong team
Merrick Rosenberg and Jeff Backal were still in business school at Drexel University when they created the business plan for Team Builders Plus.