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May 2013 Issue
Protecting your Business Rights
It’s never been easy to run a business, between protecting intellectual property, dealing with competition (sometimes from former employees) and ensuring compliance and proper corporate documentation.
A Boost in Business
Despite competition, this “little guy” has maintained a solid foundation thanks to its local base—and a bit of nostalgia.
The Corner Office: Tina Wright
Women-owned car dealerships made up just 2 percent of all dealerships in the United States in 2012, according to Coastal Northwest Marketing Research. One of the few is right here in South Jersey
Take 5: Upgrading Your Office Environment
Your workplace should be more than just the place you sit in front of your desk, making phone calls and writing emails all day long. It should be a source of inspiration.
The Conference Room: Pass it On
South Jersey is home to many family businesses that are generations strong. While the chemistry among relatives can help build up the strength of the business, things can get tricky when it comes time to divvy up responsibilities. So we asked these...
Office Space: May, 2013
When you spend at least 40 hours a week at the office, it can start to feel as though it’s your second home. While we don’t recommend spending more time at the office than necessary, these products will bring the creature comforts into your workspace...
On The Move: May, 2013
Corporate executive and former New Jersey State Assemblyman José Sosa was named CEO of Crossroads Programs, a nonprofit in Willingboro
Web Exclusives: May, 2013
Do you know a South Jersey company that’s making significant strides in the local business world?
20 Under 40
The business world can be intimidating to any professional, but for the budding entrepreneur, it can be especially so. Without the experience to navigate the ins and outs of an industry, the first few years can be difficult. Here, we introduce you to...
Social Network: May, 2013
South Jersey businesspeople and entrepreneurs socializing, networking and exchange
Retirement Planning Q&A
We all love to live in the moment, but planning for our futures is just as important. Making decisions today for what may happen years down the road is not always easy, but there are people who can help navigate that road. We asked a few local companies...
Spotlight on Attorneys
In today’s complex business world, it is imperative to have trusted legal counsel in your corner. Whether you’re considering a contract or simply need legal advice, employing an attorney to assist you can make the process a lot easier.
Outfitting Efficiency
While success in business is based on hard work and determination, having a reliable support team is also a valuable asset.