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September 2013 Issue
Corner Ofc: Dr. Robert C. Beatty
Dr. Robert C. Beatty says there are four main things he learned during his time in the military that benefit him as the dean of the William G. Rohrer College of Business at Rowan University: teamwork and cooperation, selflessness, and leadership. “In...
Take 5: Deadline for ACA Notices
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s notice deadline is fast approaching. Employers must notify employees of the Health Insurance Exchange and subsidy eligibility by Oct. 1, or within 14 days of employment after Oct. 1. The requirement applies...
Office Space
In order for our businesses and careers to thrive, we must have the right mindset to make it work. The books coming out this month inspire us to work hard for what we want, using both new and old ways of thinking.
On the Move
Comings, goings, hirings, retirings and more in South Jersey.
The Cost of Commuting
With rising transportation costs, local organizations work to minimize the impact on your wallet.
The Conference Room: Starting Up
In this year’s Outstanding Entrepreneurs issue, you’ll meet a variety of professionals who have found success whether they launched their venture solo or with the help of others. It’s one of the first crucial decisions one makes when beginning their...
2013’s Outstanding Entrepreneurs
Don’t tell these men and women the economy is only beginning to pick up. Despite the sobering statistics of the last several years, they have been leading some of the most successful and inspiring ventures in South Jersey without a hitch.
Social Network, September 2013
This month's Social Network photos
New Jersey American Water
The utility provider educates the region on the importance of infrastructure maintenance that will continue to deliver clean and reliable water to homes and businesses.
ACC Accounting Solutions
Customizing software that will get your business moving forward
Maximize Your Real Estate
The physical aspects of your business—where it’s located, how it’s designed, how it’s landscaped—say a lot, especially when it comes to first impressions with new clients. Here, our experts tell you what you should know, along with some real estate...
Tech Talk
We turned to these area professionals for their take on some of the most important tech-related questions on business owners’ minds today because with technology—something that is constantly changing and improving—it’s essential to have the proper network...
Transportation Solutions
These are the companies that make life just a little more efficient for on-the-go employers and employees alike.