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December 2012 Issue
Health Care Innovation
Innovation is easy to find when looking at health care providers in our area—from the scientists pioneering new research in genetics and disease prevention, to hospitals providing more high-tech and minimally invasive techniques, to the individual physicians...
Protecting Your Brand
Whether it’s a small business or national corporation, there’s nothing more valuable to a business than its image.
Boulevard of Dreams
Revitalizing a downtown area that has been in a slump is a tall order, but the Borough of Glassboro is doing just that with its Rowan Boulevard project, which is now ushering in a wave of hopeful twenty- and thirty-something entrepreneurs to the are...
Conference Room: Social Good
During this time of year, people really get into the giving spirit, and it’s when we see many businesses do a final charitable project or fundraising effort for the year. That can mean good things for morale—and for business. But should companies officially...
Take 5: What makes a good landlord?
It’s true: Not every landlord is the same, and not every property manager lives up to expectations. But “good landlords” are worth searching for. For K.C. Isdaner, chief operating officer with Mount Laurel-based real estate leasing company The Bloom...
Corner Office: Bernie Flynn
Celebrating 100 years of business, New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Group is committed to their policyholders.
On the Move: December, 2012
Comings, goings, hirings, retirings and more in South Jersey.
Office Space: December, 2012
Use your Galaxy S3 smartphone to display HD-quality media during presentations. With full 1080p support and 7.1 surround channels, this adapter connects to any HDMI port, allowing for full HD playback on a big screen or projector.
Health Care Resources
Health care providers and other medical resources speak out on some important questions.