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December 2013 Issue
The Corner Ofc: Joseph W. Devine
He may have only assumed the position of president and CEO in October, but Joe Devine is no stranger to Kennedy. Having served the health system for 27 years, most recently as senior VP of administration, he refers to th
The Conference Room: Year in Review
While some companies no longer conduct annual performance reviews, many that continue to do so still view this time of year as best to sit down with employees. However, according to our experts, not only are they still necessary, but they’ll be more...
Take 5: Adapting to a Changing World
Changes in both the economy and the workforce have meant a new way of conducting business for many industries in South Jersey, and property management is no exception.
On The Move: December, 2013
Comings, goings, hirings, retirings and more in South Jersey.
Office Space: December, 2013
In our on-the-go society, it’s more important than ever to feel secure when it comes to your documents, whether they’re hard copies or digital. Luckily, this month’s picks are guaranteed to make you feel safe in the 21st-century workplace.
A Center of Innovation
Our region is leading the way in medicine, setting the example for others to follow to become a more cost-effective, patient-focused health care community.
Health Care Economics
Hospital systems are big-time revenue generators, and not just for the health care industry.
Social Network: December, 2013
This month’s Social Network photos.
The Next Level: Ancero welcomes new president and CFO to lead company’s exponential growth.