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February 2012 Issue
Damage Control
When your business’ image is threatened by a complicated situation, a few simple steps can mitigate—and even prevent—a PR crisis.
When Hurricane Irene made landfall last August, Peter Eschbach, director of Communications and External Affairs for...
15 Women To Watch
Whether they’re enhancing educational opportunities, improving access to quality health care, or providing new ways for locally owned businesses to succeed, our region is home to a long list of exceptional women who continue to transform the landscape...
The Port of Paulsboro
The site has already been suggested as the assembly point for New Jersey’s future offshore wind industry. What else could be in store when the state’s first port in decades opens for marine traffic next year, and is there confidence that tenants will...
Close of Business: Words to Live By
The accomplished women of this year’s Women to Watch feature represent a wide variety of industries in our region, but they all have something in common—hard work and determination. They also remember where they came from and the people who helped get...
Corner Office: Gregory Gutos
We’re living in a world where it seems the only thing that’s constant is change, and perhaps nothing in the business world changes faster than technology.
The Conference Room: Health Insurance Exchanges
Kathleen Davis, executive vice president and COO for the Chamber of Commerce Southern New Jersey, testified earlier this month before the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee
Take 5: ‘Power’ Essentials For Working Women
In our culture, many women have been socialized from an early age to behave and speak passively and seductively, and this socialization follows them right into adulthood and the workplace.
Office Space: February, 2012
This month’s new releases offer a slew of helpful tips and guidelines to follow that will steer you straight toward success. Build a new business strategy with the help of some of the newest non-fiction to hit the shelves.
On The Move: February, 2012
Comings, goings, hirings, retirings and more in South Jersey.