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2012’s Fastest-Growing Companies

by edited by Colleen Patrice Clark

Different studies seem to come out every day that contradict each other: Either we’re bouncing back from the recession or we still have a long way to go. But if you look at this year’s list South Jersey’s Fastest-Growing Companies (which all recorded revenue of at least $500,000), it’s clear that they’re doing more than defying the odds; they’re showing what’s possible here in South Jersey and what a great place this remains to do business. This year, we also asked all of the companies to share their thoughts on the biggest risk they ever took, or the best advice they could give to readers, providing a little insight into how they got where they are today.

No 1: Dynamic Defense Materials
Base: Marlton
In Business Since: 2004
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 7,976.86%
Top Executives: President/CEO Robert A. Lipinski; CFO John Yarsinsky; General Manager/ Director of Sales Joe Dimond
How exactly do you reach an increase of 7,976 percent? You raise revenues from $231,000 in 2009 to nearly $18.7 million in just three years. For Dynamic Defense Materials, it was thanks to their patented, portable armored guard posts called McCurdy’s Armor. This defense system is used to replace the sandbags used in warfare that can’t protect against mortars, rockets and other artillery. Having already sold to the U.S. military, DDM is now optimistic about moving into foreign markets.

“Acquiring a company with little or no hope that required a large capital investment was very risky. We took the company from being just a concept and, after a lot of perseverance and personal financing, turned it into a profitable, well-respected defense company.” --Robert A. Lipinski

No, 2: WebiMax
Base: Mount Laurel
In Business Since: 2008
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 2,833.34 %
Top Executives: Founder/CEO Kenneth Wisnefski; Vice President/Principal Kevin O’Brien; Vice President of Marketing and Digital Strategy Todd Bailey; Vice President of Technology Sean O’Donnell; Vice President of Operations Michael Brescia; Vice President of Business Development Timothy Drain
The fact that WebiMax was founded around the cusp of SEO emergence is evidenced in its revenue: up from $241,188 to $7.1 million last year. The company specializes in search engine and social media optimization and marketing, paid search and pay per click management, reputation management, website design and development, and more.

“In business, the best risk I ever took was to just decide that to be successful, you have to go all in. I have always funded the business from my own personal funds, even when my wife and I didn't have much money at all. You have to bet on yourself and you have to do everything you can to make sure you don’t lose the bet.” -- Kenneth Wisnefski

No. 3: Free For All
Base: Marlton
In Business Since: 2007
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 806.99%
Top Executives: CEO Gerard Ferro; COO Eric Shugarts; CMO Jim Donachie
Just as impressive as their own growth percentage, thanks to an increase in revenue from $429,153 to $3.9 million in 2011, is the average amount of savings passed on to the customers of Free For All’s RxCut Plus program, a free prescription savings card which provides cardholders with savings of up to 75 percent on medications and up to 50 percent on laboratory and imaging services. Since 2008, the program has saved cardholders more than $75 million.

“The most important lesson I’ve learned is one that my father shared with me. If you provide people with what they need, you will always have what you want and need.” -- Gerard Ferro

No. 4: Channel Logistics
Base: Camden
In Business Since: 2001
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 317.88%
Top Executives: President/Founder Jatin S. Bains
After Sept. 11, Jatin S. Bains saw several security shortcomings in the maritime industry. “What they did (the terrorists) using an aviation platform, they could do using maritime platforms,” says Bains, who has more than 40 years of experience in the industry. Hence, Channel Logistics was born, providing a range of Maritime Domain Awareness products and working with the departments of Homeland Security and Defense along with U.S. Coalition partners in Singapore and throughout the Pacific. Their products collect and analyze data through satellites, sensors and more to help ensure our country’s safety. “The Pacific and Atlantic oceans are like a colander,” he says. “No matter how much (security) you pour in, things are going to seep through. It’s hard to plug the holes. You need to evaluate and analyze on all sides of the ocean to keep yourself safe.”

“You should never be satisfied. You should always keep innovating, even if you’re a leader. People want progress every day or, at some point, they move on.” --Jatin S. Bains

No. 5: Pro Computer Service
Base: Marlton
In Business Since: 2001
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 160.39%
Top Executives: President/CEO Anthony Mongeluzo
Pro Computer Service has built a recognized brand of IT managed services, on-site and remote computer support, project management and IT staffing rather quickly. The company began as a startup in 2001. Today, it has grown to 30 employees and has expanded into four states, with goals to expand across the Delaware Valley and along the East Coast.

“The biggest risk I have taken was to quit my comfortable and cushy government job to pursue PCS full time. I’m happy to report that we are around 30 employees strong and added a significant amount of value to over thousands of our clients in the region.” -- Anthony Mongeluzo

No. 6: NEST International
Base: Gloucester City
In Business Since: 1994
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 87.8%
Top Executives: CEO Bob Almond Sr.; Executive VP Kellie D’Andrea; VP/
Operations Rob Almond Jr.; Controller Frank Allison
NEST international has grown so rapidly in recent years that their immediate goal is simply to find a larger New Jersey office to fit all of its 117 local employees. The company, which reported $41.8 million last year, provides national facilities maintenance services, offering businesses the opportunity to run a leaner operation and reduce their expenses. Services range from routine maintenance, break/fix service calls, and project/capital expenditure management.

“The best risk we ever took was investing 60 percent of our startup capital funds into technology and communication systems. This has allowed us to gain great efficiencies and to compete with larger organizations.” --Bob Almond Sr.

No. 7: Ancero
Base: Mount Laurel
In Business Since: 1999
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 85.31%
Top Executives: Executive Director Fred Barilotti; Managing Director Robert
Hogg; Executive Director of Sales Paul Boyer
Ancero’s name may be just four years young—it resulted from the merger of Media Systems and Eastern IT Group—but its executives’ 25-plus years of experience each has resulted in continued success, as Ancero is one of the leading providers in the tri-state area of IT consulting and managed services, managed hosting, cloud solutions, and hosted VoIP. The company is on track to hit $10 million this year.

“The most important lesson learned is not to try and do everything yourself. Surround yourself with talented people and trust them to get the job done. Ancero’s success is directly related to the high-caliber team we have assembled.” --Robert Hogg

No. 8: Conigent
Base: Haddonfield
In Business Since: 2007
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 83.64%
Top Executives: President Ameet Shah; VP/Sales Brian Crozier
Conigent is a process improvement and business management consulting firm focused on designing, implementing, and optimizing cloud applications to alleviate operational bottlenecks. Services include software selection, value assessments, ERP, CRM and Edge Process solutions. This year, as part of its development of an athletic services division, Conigent created the product Wodify, a cloud-based application that improves athletic performance in the CrossFit industry and helps affiliates manage their box.

“I think the best risk I have made thus far is formalizing my operations and creating Conigent. I took my business from a one-man operation and made investments into full-time employees, office space, marketing and support staff. Since 2007, Conigent has grown from $300,000 to 3.7 million by end of 2011. I am surrounded by a team of talented individuals that have helped make Conigent the success it is today.” --Ameet Shah

No. 9: Distribution One
Base: Mount Laurel
In Business Since: 1996
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 77.69%
Top Executives: President Larry Ward; Administrator Dean Christianson
Distribution One, with offices in Mount Laurel, Texas and Sweden, provides ERP software and support for wholesalers and distributors. With their software technologies, Distribution One ensures the lines of communication remain open and businesses can run both efficiently and profitably.

“The most important lesson I’ve ever learned in business is not to make ‘knee jerk reactions’ and to make sure decisions are well thought out.” --Larry Ward

No. 10: Scientific Search
Base: Cherry Hill
In Business Since: 1983
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 75.35%
Top Executives: President Joseph B. Peters III; Vice President David W. Trexler
Scientific Search specializes in technology recruiting and staffing services, particularly in pharmaceutical, engineering, information technology and market research. Among the top goals for the business, which reached $4.5 million in revenue last year, are to continue to receive referrals and repeat business and expand its own staff to keep up with the growing company.

“The best risk I ever took was buying Scientific Search over 10 years ago from a gentleman that was retiring. Quite a few things haven’t gone exactly as planned or expected, but the management team and staff have gotten enough right that our annual revenues have increased over 500 percent during the past 10 years.” --Joseph B. Peters III

No. 11: BC Processing
Base: Vineland
In Business Since: 2004
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 74.81%
Top Executives: President Tim Chew; CTO Brian Flaim; COO Serg Silvestri; Executive Vice President Blaise Menzoni; CFO Steve Menzoni; Top Sales Rep. Josh Foster
Tim Chew left what he calls a cushy job in Florida to open a business in the poorest county in New Jersey with less than $25,000 in startup funds. It’s a risk he’s glad he made: Today, BC Processing deals in electronic payment services, POS software/hardware for retail and restaurants, managed IT/network solutions, and custom software development centering on payments and inventory controls. The company processes $1 billion annually and has plans to reach 1,200 active customers by the end of 2013 and create five new jobs.

“You have to embrace change. When you know something to be inevitable, run toward it, not away from it. Also, someone once told me the only reason to grow your company is to create opportunities for other people; that was good advice.” --Tim Chew

No. 12: eMaint Enterprises
Base: Marlton
In Business Since: 1986
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 73.91%
Top Executives: President/CEO Brian Samelson; Executive Vice President Hannelore Fineman
When eMaint began, its CEO saw a profitability mountain to climb when it came to subscription-based software, a new delivery model in the 80s. Reaching $4 million in revenue last year, eMaint is going strong, providing Web-based Maintenance Management Software and related services to more than 16,000 users worldwide across 1,000 organizations, ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 clients.

“We are passionate about ensuring that our clients have the tools, resources and support needed to be successful. This philosophy has fueled our recent growth and helped us enjoy a high customer retention rate of over 96 percent.” --Brian Samelson

No. 13: Liberty Healthcare Services
Base: Mount Laurel
In Business Since: 2002
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 72.91%
Top Executives: President/Owner Kevin Zepp
Liberty Healthcare Services covers the majority of the state with its home health care staffing, and President Kevin Zepp plans to make it a leading regional provider that brings quality, stay-at-home care to the residents of South Jersey. Zepp also has plans to continue to “mature” its service lines in areas such as pediatric homecare and staffing services.

“Never become complacent. Companies should always have growth plans and constantly be evaluating and reevaluating their business plans.” --Kevin Zepp

No. 14: Concord Engineering
Base: Voorhees
In Business Since: 1989
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 70.78%
Top Executives: President Michael Fischette
Concord Engineering has found success by providing diversified services such as facility and power plant design, energy efficiency and infrastructure master planning, design financing and construction management. The company works with clients in the commercial, industrial and power sectors.

“The most important lesson I’ve learned is the idea that growth is necessary for increasing profits is not true.” --Michael Fischette

No. 15:
Base: Delran
In Business Since: 2001
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 67.27%
Top Executives: President Adam J. Moore, an e-commerce wholesaler and retailer, has seen steady growth since its founding 10 years ago. In fact, it opened its first Midwestern distribution center earlier this year in Missouri. Offering more than 10,000 items ranging from toys and games to specialty beverage ingredients, achieved $5.6 million in revenue in 2011.

“Lead with your heart. When people know you care deeply, they’re inspired to do the same.” --Adam J. Moore

No. 16: Radwell International
Base: Lumberton
In Business Since: 1979
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 63.79%
Top Executives: President/CEO Brian Radwell; Senior VP/Sales and Marketing Todd Radwell; Senior VP/Operations Dan Love; VP/Finance Russ Batdorf; VP/Customer Satisfaction John Radwell; VP/Sales Jerry Spinuzza; VP/Information Technology John Janthor
Radwell International, which reached $65.8 million revenue last year, recently expanded into Canada and the United Kingdom and sees more growth coming in the future. The goal is to hit $100 million in sales by 2014. Radwell stocks and sells new, surplus, industrial automation, MRO, pneumatic, motion, electronic, hydraulic, HVAC and electrical control equipment for plant floor and facilities maintenance machinery.

“At Radwell, we truly care about each other in and outside work. We treat each other like family. That consistent respect for each other has helped to attract and retain some of the best people around, which is vital to our success.” --Brian Radwell

No. 17: Bear Staffing Services
Base: Woodbury
In Business Since: 2005
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 59.81%
Top Executives: President/CEO Sherri Johnson; Vice President/COO Gary Johnson
Husband and wife team Sherri and Gary Johnson see a skills gap in our nation’s workforce, and so one of the major initiatives of their staffing company—which concentrates on manufacturing, administrative and IT industries—is to expand their capabilities to help address the need to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States.

“The best risk was going after a contract and committing to provide service in an area where we did not have a physical presence. Not only were we able to become that firm’s top supplier for what we do, we have since duplicated it successfully five other times as far away as Wisconsin and Texas.” --Sherri Johnson

No. 18: Travel Tribe
Base: Westampton
In Business Since: 2005
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 56.69%
Top Executives: CEO Mark Murphy
Travel Tribe brings travel agents and clients together like never before. The company is comprised of multiple websites, including, a social networking site where travelers come together to get expert advice, share experiences and join Tribes to discuss their favorite destinations and more. It’s also a place for travel agents to actively communicate with customers, share information and lead discussions that result in informed travel decisions. Other websites are and, booking sites for agents to book rooms for their customers. Travel Tribe recently launched AgentStudio, a turnkey content-rich website solution for travel agents. This subscription-based solution is a robust marketing tool for travel agents to display destination information, travel deals and offer hotel booking for their customers directly through their website.

“The most successful lesson I learned in business is taking risks. My biggest risk was starting my own company in the field of travel, specifically to the travel agent market in a time when the Internet was thought to be the end of travel agents. But many years later, travel agents are still here and in fact their influence is growing.” --Mark Murphy

No. 19: Team Builders Plus
Base: Marlton
In Business Since: 1991
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 56.17%
Top Executives: CEO Jeffrey Backal; President/Chief Learning Officer Merrick Rosenberg
Focusing on management training such as team building, leadership and development, Team Builders Plus has increased its revenue by nearly $1 million in the last three years, hitting $2.35 million in 2011. Their company goals are simple: to get Merrick Rosenberg and Dan Silvert’s book, Taking Flight!, on the New York Times’ Best Sellers list; and in the long term, to be the nation’s go-to company for team building and DiSC training.

“In 2007, we took the biggest and best risk of our 20-year history. We purchased another team-building company, primarily because of its popularity online ( The purchase price of this company was almost our annual sales volume, but this site was a major lead generator. Within the first year of the purchase, our business more than doubled and we have had tremendous growth ever since.” --Jeffrey Backal

No. 20: Advanced Benefit Advisors
Base: Cherry Hill
In Business Since: 2005
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 55.45%
Top Executives: President/CEO Robert E. Petcove; COO Jill Goldstone
Advanced Benefit Advisors has maintained steady yearly growth, going from $2.6 million in 2009 to $4 million last year. Offering mid-market and large group employee benefits and wellness consulting, ABA recently joined the Benefits Advisors Network, giving the company greater resources including a medical director, pharmacy director and legal compliance director on staff to assist in clients’ needs.

“Hire the best people you can find and have them support you and your company efforts. By aligning with the best, caring and brightest people, only great results will come from it.” --Robert E. Petcove

No. 21: EHS Technologies
Base: Moorestown
In Business Since: 1996
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 35.81%
Top Executives: CEO Denise Eckerle; President William Eckerle; CIO Joseph Bus; VP/Operations Stephen Kenny; CFO John Kouch
EHS has increased the number of staff as well as its areas of technical expertise and scope of operations. The company, which conducted approximately $22 million of business last year, has more than 100 employees in five offices up and down the East Coast providing engineering, communications, environmental and information technology products and services to government and commercial customers.

“The only way to accomplish more as an individual is through other people. That is why we place such emphasis at EHS on finding the right people and ensuring that we retain them for the long term.” --Denise Eckerle

No. 22: Compas, Inc.
Base: Pennsauken
In Business Since: 1990
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 27.74%
Top Executives: President/CEO Stan Woodland; Managing Partner Ken Jones; COO James Woodland; Chief Marketing and Innovations Officer Susan Dorfman; CFO John Donovan; Senior Vice President, Buying Services and Deliverables, Nicole Woodland-DeVan; SVP, Healthcare and Clinical Content Services, Mike Miller; SVP, Strategic Services, Gia Mauriello; VP, Media, Steve Selinger; and Senior Director, HR, Nancy Logue
Growth of 27 percent is especially notable when revenue started at $168 million in 2009. Coming in at $214.6 million last year, Compas, Inc. is the largest corporate buyer of pharmaceutical- and health care-related media, whether it be digital, broadcast or print. Other services include targeted media buying with ByDoctor, professional journal media buying, media planning, supplier alliance management, business results management, customer insights and more.

“The biggest business risk was creating a compensation model that went against the industry norm of charging a fee for media buying function to a model that required us to create measurable media savings and be compensated by sharing in those savings we created for our clients. I was told I was crazy and this model would never work; so much for the naysayers.” --Stan Woodland

No 23: Grimley Financial Corporation
Base: Haddonfield
In Business Since: 1986
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 20.93%
Top Executives: President/CEO Charles D. Grimley III; VP/Operations Scott Brownlee; Director of Facilities Dawn Pinto; Director of Sales and Marketing Chris Scharle; CFO John Murino; Executive Administrator Marian Grimley
Grimley Financial, which recorded $2.47 million in revenue last year, is a full service, value-added, complete revenue cycle collection agency concentrating on health care, commercial, consumer and education collections. Specialty services are pre-collect, bad debt, bankruptcy preference and credit awareness. The company is currently reviewing the possibility of acquiring health care boutique agencies.

“Surround yourself with good people and trust your instincts. Take nothing for granted. Equally important is employees must feel as if they have a vested interest in the stakes, something many companies ignore.” --Charles D. Grimley

No 24: Hill International
Base: Marlton
In Business Since: 1976
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 18.9%
Top Executives: Chairman/CEO Irvin E. Richter; President/COO David L. Richter
According to Irvin Richter, satisfied clients beget new assignments and future growth. For that reason, this project management, construction management, program management, risk management, and construction claims and consulting company aims to continue its growth by minimizing risks for clients and building a solid reputation. With 110 offices worldwide, Hill International reached $501.5 million in 2011.

“Starting Hill International was the best risk that I ever took. The payoff is being able to provide successful careers for over 3,200 people worldwide and to have helped deliver some of the most iconic construction projects of our time on almost every continent of the world.” --Irvin E. Richter

No 25: Cory Communications
Base: Gibbsboro
In Business Since: 2001
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 16.53%
Top Executives: President/COO Jack Zoblin
Jack Zoblin left a comfortable position with Qwest, only to work for a company that folded within a couple of months. His reaction? Use his life savings to venture out on his own. The growth of his telecommunications and data consulting company has been steady, enough to buy their current office location two years ago. According to Zoblin, cloud computing has expedited the convergence of voice and data communications and created opportunities to offer additional IT and computer-related services to clients. Building the partnerships and acquiring the resources that meet those additional client needs ranks high on his company’s goals. After recording $1.5 million in revenue last year, Cory Communications hopes to, in the long term, expand across the country.

“There are only so many productive hours in the day. Prioritizing them to maintain focus on critical business-building tasks is essential to success, whatever your industry. The focus on that principal has helped drive our success.” --Jack Zoblin

Coming Up Through the Ranks

Never underestimate the little guys. These small businesses in South Jersey, with revenues ranging from $50,000 to nearly $250,000, are making impressive strides in their yearly numbers.
Base: Deptford
In Business Since: 2009
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 360.11%
Top Executive: Owner Chris Purcell
These singing telegrams, with characters ranging from bellhops to gorillas, are sure to make people chuckle. But what’s not something to laugh at is their increase from $11,359 in revenue in 2009 to $52,264 last year. Increasing from seven of their memorable and unique telegrams a month to now 40, the company is on target to reach $68,000 this year.

“The biggest risk I’ve taken is opening a brand new business right at the bottom of our country’s economic recession. The payoff has been that it started slowly and grew at a rate that I’ve been able to handle along the way.” --Chris Purcell

The Center for Emotional Health of Greater Philadelphia
Base: Cherry Hill
In Business Since: 2009
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 320.24%
Top Executive: Founder/Executive Director Dr. Marla Deibler
The Center for emotional health prides itself on being a supportive, collaborative environment for adults, adolescents and children seeking psychological evaluation and treatment of a wide range of psychological disorders and other clinical problems. After increasing more than 300 percent since the year of its founding, Dr. Marla Deibler plans to expand forensic psychology services and service contracts to organizations and government agencies.

“The best risk I ever took was venturing outside the comfort and stability of a faculty position within a university medical center and leaping into establishing my own business. It was the best professional life decision I have ever made.” --Dr. Marla Deibler

Perlow Productions
Base: Marlton
In Business Since: 2004
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 234.36%
Top Executive: President/Founder Mike Perlow
Perlow Productions made a risky move in 2007, relocating 300 miles from Boston to Marlton. But it paid off. Providing services including HD videography, video editing and graphics creation services for corporate, non-profit and agency video productions, President Mike Perlow sees a strong future in which they’ll continue to expand upon their client base locally, nationally and internationally.

“Many years ago, when I was an intern at a television station in Boston, a well-known sports anchor made it clear to me that he was no more important than me, ‘the intern.’ I’ve always remembered that every member of the Perlow Productions team, from intern to production assistant to graphic designer, videographer, producer and president, is an equally important person. Their voices should be heard and they should feel comfortable giving their input to help make our productions even better.” --Mike Perlow

Rank Me SEO
Base: Voorhees
In Business Since: Dec. 2009
Revenue Growth (2010-2011): 198%
Top Executive: Founder/Senior Search Engine Marketing Project Manager Len Ward Rank Me SEO provides white label/private label search engine marketing campaigns to advertising agencies, SEO agencies and other companies that sell search engine optimization, Google AdWords, pay per click and social media services. In just the first two full years of business, revenue rose almost 200 percent. Another 143 percent jump is expected in 2012, enough to double its workforce and open a larger office in 2013.

“The most important lesson I ever learned in business was from the book Selling the Invisible: Your competition is not down the street or in the next building. Your competition is the person sitting across from your desk wondering why in the world they should buy into your service. In the service industry, the only thing that separates you from your competitor is you.” --Len Ward

Friedenthal Financial
Base: Voorhees
In Business Since: 2009
Revenue Growth (2009-2011): 167.01%
Top Executive: President/CIO Mark Friedenthal
After spending more than a decade working for some big name financial institutions, including GE Capital and Citibank, Mark Friedenthal decided to branch off and found his own portfolio management, 401(k) advisory and investment consulting firm in 2009. His goal, through client satisfaction and organic growth, is to rehabilitate the image of the financial services field. Already seeing significant growth, the company is on target for a 69 percent revenue increase in 2012.

“Ask clients what they need and want. Then use the best people, process and technology to deliver it to them.” -- Mark Friedenthal

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 2, Issue 7 (July, 2012).
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