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Conference Room: Checking In

by Editorial Staff--South Jersey Biz

When measuring the effectiveness of your team, there are many methods to determine what’s best. But are traditional performance reviews a thing of the past? Are they an accurate reflection of employees’ work or are there other ways to check in? We spoke to one local staffer for her expert opinion.

Katie-Jo Andreola
Department Head, Human Resources for ARI

“Performance reviews are not a thing of the past and can be a helpful tool when they are part of a more comprehensive employee development program. At ARI, performance reviews are just one component of a larger career counseling and planning process, in which we look to help employees identify personal and professional goals and develop real, tangible ways of achieving those goals over time. The process begins when the employee completes an Individual Development Plan (or IDP) which helps them identify their strengths and design a program that will help serve as a roadmap for career advancement and professional growth. Managers are expected to take an active role in supporting the goals of each employee’s IDP. We also offer our employees support in achieving the learning goals established in their IDPs via ARI University, a comprehensive learning and training program that currently offers more than 200 different courses addressing both professional and personal growth. If you consider the performance review part of this greater process, it suddenly becomes an important marker in the employee’s professional journey – a chance to evaluate his or her progress and set goals for the coming months.”

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 2, Issue 11 (November, 2012).
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