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Conference Room: Tech to Go

by Editorial Staff--South Jersey Biz

When it comes to being productive on the go, what are your go-to tools to keep you in the loop? Two tech savvy professionals share their thoughts.

“Quick and easy communication with team members is key.”
Lee Quarella, Principal architect, BC Technologies
“Aside from the obvious (cell phone, laptop, Internet connection), my development team and I rely on a number of Web-based communication and collaboration tools to continue working effectively when we are away from the office. ... We need to be able to share ideas and information without breaking out of normal thought processes. Because of this, we use very little email. For quick messages and short conversations, Google's chat (Gchat) feature is invaluable, allowing us to very quickly interact without the extra overhead and formality most people feel is required when writing an email. When questions and conversations get more detailed, we switch to Google's Hangout, which allows real-time voice and video conversations with built in collaborative whiteboard and drawing tools as well as screen sharing.

“It has to be my smart phone.”
Robert J. Walsh, Director of Professional Services, DLC Technology Solutions, Inc.
“It is with me everywhere I go and is constantly keeping me informed with new emails and urgent text messages. Receiving text alerts from our customer support system or emailed voicemail messages from our phone help me know what is going on in the office when I can’t be there. I can even use my smartphone to gain remote access to a client’s system to provide support. When I need a bigger screen, I grab my second go-to device, my iPad. Between the two of them, I am able to stay connected and productive almost everywhere.”

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 2, Issue 9 (September, 2012).
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