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Lindenberg Cancer and Hematology Center

by Dr. Noah Lindenberg

 AFTER HEARING THE WORDS, “you have cancer,” their world stops. They think about their loved ones and how they don’t want to miss out on the rest of their lives.

Conveniently located in Marlton, founder and oncologist Dr. Noah Lindenberg treats many different types of cancer and analyzes every patient’s case, creating a specialized treatment plan for each patient based on the specifics of how the cancer has progressed.
“No two patients with the same named cancer behave the same way,” Dr. Lindenberg explains. “In the olden days, if somebody was diagnosed with lung cancer, everybody would get the same toxic treatment. Whenever I see a patient who has cancer, we want to try to understand it in terms of the molecular undertaking of cancer. Today we know there are certain mutations that occur in cancer that allow it to grow and spread, and it can be targeted specifically. When we understand it, we’re able to give treatments that are specific toward that patient.”
Dr. Lindenberg is also the medical director of the cancer genetic program at Virtua in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania, and an investigator for clinical trials through Virtua and UPenn as well. 
“Our staff is incredibly intelligent, compassionate, caring and warm; it’s something that really separates us,” Dr. Lindenberg says. “There’s a personal touch. The caring and supporting atmosphere is what helps patients get through each session and keep fighting their battle.

“Data shows when patients have more optimism, support, warmth and loving care, they do better. There’s no amount of medicine that can replace that,” Dr. Lindenberg says. “The medicine is part of the treatment, but it’s the personal care that motivates patients to continue fighting, and pursuing successes and winning over patients’ minds is critical. If they believe in their team, they believe in the process, they believe they can do better; the chances of them progressing go up im­mensely. It’s completely independent of whatever treatment I’m giving them.”
Lindenberg Cancer and Hematology Center is currently close to 6,000 square feet with all state-of-the-art equipment that offers cutting-edge treatment in addition to chemotherapy, such as hormone therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy—a type of treatment that re­stores the function of the immune system. “It’s not chemotherapy; it doesn’t have a lot of conventional side effects like toxic therapy,” Dr. Lindenberg explains. “It links up the immune system and instructs it to fight the cancer without introducing toxic substances. It’s a highly effective strategy that works for a variety of cancers.”
“Everything in the facility is very soothing,” he says. The chairs in the infusion center are La-Z Boys with massage and heat. You almost feel like you’re in a living room because the environment is very warm.
Lindenberg Cancer and
Hematology Center
773 Route 70 E. | Suite E-125
Marlton | (856) 890-7200

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Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 11, Issue 5 (May 2021).

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