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PCH Technologies is providing cybersecurity to help businesses like PJW Restaurant Group stay safe and secure.

by Julie Shannon
It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic has made businesses more vulnerable to malicious data attacks and cybersecurity breaches. With employees working from home, potentially exposed to hackers and business operations at risk, it’s important to team up with a company who will take the necessary steps to make sure your business’s network is safe and secure, and is able to continue normal operations.
Headquartered in South Jersey, serving clients locally, nationally and internationally, PCH Technologies strives to provide world-class services by staying on top of the newest technologies, creating solutions by thinking outside the box and working with the best talent in the IT industry. Being in the business for over 20 years, PCH Technologies has grown to adapt to any situation.
“With everybody working from home, it changes the way you need to approach cybersecurity from a couple different areas,” says Timothy Guim, president and CEO of PCH Technologies. “People working from home may not be behind a traditional firewall. This exposes one less layer of defense and security against hackers and people trying to get into the system. It’s imperative to have a solution to be able to enhance and monitor the endpoint protection and take action before a small problem turns into a big problem.”
Guim says the threats are continuing to expand, but so is technology, and new artificial intelligence (AI) is helping tackle threats and attacks.
“You need to have ways to quickly handle zero-day threats for ransomware and malware. Hackers will change things and design malware such that the traditional virus protection will not pick it up based on signatures and known variance. The way to counteract that is by using new AI systems that will take the baseline of how the system operates, knows what programs are good and bad, and detect a threat that has not been identified by a traditional virus signature,” Guim explains. “It is also important to be using a 24/7 security operations center that is reviewing threats identified by AI that requires additional analysis or actions from a team of actual human cybersecurity experts.”
AI systems are useful and necessary, but a perk of having a team of real-life human technicians is the relationship built between businesses. PCH Technologies is different from other IT and cybersecurity firms because it is a trusted partner that finds unique answers to a business’ problems. The dedicated staff will go the extra mile and not stop until they find a solution.
This is one reason why PCH Technologies and PJW Restaurant Group have been working together for more than 20 years, adapting and growing as each other’s needs change.
With 26 restaurants throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania and its headquarters in South Jersey, it was crucial for PJW Restaurant Group to have a plan in place to protect not just its business and employees, but its customers.
“The landscape gets more complicated every day, every year. Without the luxury of a large in-house IT department, we need to put our trust in someone from the outside. It’s a big risk, and we need to be confident that we have a real partner. PCH Technologies understands that,” says Jessica Breslow, vice president of marketing and technology for PJW Restaurant Group. “We work together proactively to find the best, most efficient ways to solve what is a very complicated business imperative.”
When COVID hit, every company had to make some sort of transition, but with a business continuity plan in place with PCH Technologies prior to COVID, PJW Restaurant Group was prepared.
“Having solid security systems set the foundation for me to be able to build on our business and be nimble enough to react to the reality of today,” Breslow says. “I needed to be able to support a remote corporate office team as we pivoted our business to deploy solutions at the restaurant level such as online ordering and payment technologies. That was possible in part because we already had the appropriate network strategy, hardware and security policies in place.”
PCH Technologies not only provides the best cybersecurity and protects businesses from potential attacks, it always has your best interests in mind and values the relationship it builds with clients.
“We value PCH as a partner,” Breslow says. “We need to be able to rely on them to not just be a vendor, but someone to rely on to help you make good, informed decisions to protect and grow your business.”


PCH Technologies


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