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Workplace HCM eliminates time and payroll issues with the use of technology and helps companies run more efficiently.

by Julie Shannon

When Laura Roselli took over her family-owned business—Roselli’s Italian Market and Cafe—with no prior experience in handling any aspects of the business, she was overwhelmed to say the least. From handling weekly payroll and handbooks to onboarding and employees’ paid time off, she knew she needed help, especially when it came to running the back end of the business.

“When I took over the business about 10 years ago, we didn’t have a payroll company at the time,” she recalls. “That was all new to us and we didn’t know how to handle it.”

Roselli ended up hiring a payroll company shortly after, but it didn’t meet her business’s needs. It wasn’t long after that she reached out to Frank Plum of Workplace HCM, a human capital management system in Marlton.

“I sat down and talked to Frank and they offered so much more,” Roselli says. “They offered more with the onboarding process and almost everything was electronic. Instead of a paper version of handbooks, they could be accessed electronically. We could keep track of time and also not just clocking in and out on laptops—my employees could do it right from their phones which made it a lot easier. These were things I felt the other company wasn’t offering.”

Plum says having everything run electronically and having a set of practices focused on resource management are what separates Workplace HCM from most payroll companies.

“I saw a need for our industry to move toward technology versus a call center environment,” he says. “I saw a need for a human capital management system; a human resources information system. That’s what we sell and support, which includes applicant tracking, hiring, electronic onboarding, storing of human resource documents, direct deposit and employee handbooks. Everything is electronic.”

When it came to Roselli’s Italian Market & Cafe, there were four major things Roselli needed for her business—a hiring solution, an on- boarding solution, a timekeeping solution and human resource compliance.

“Laura wanted to eliminate paper, the manual processes of paper when employees come in on day one and sign off on the employee hand- book and put their signature into a filing cabinet. Now it’s all virtual,” Plum says.

Plum looked at what Roselli had in place and figured out where he could eliminate time for her. “The onboarding process where a lot of employees are coming and going, we eliminated time there,” he says. “We utilized a POS system for timekeeping. The old punch cards for them to manually reenter information into a payroll system—that extra time is not necessary any- more. We also eliminated time on the human resources space, we helped out with hand- books, health benefits enrollment, insurancespace and linked insurance with us.”

Roselli recalls a time when her employees started to use a new application on their phone, Plum came to the market and helped every employee upload it and show them how they can access it.

“That’s something that makes him stand out. He interacted not just with me and the other senior staff, but was more than willing to help out other employees using the system.”

And when any questions or issues arose about that application or any other matters, Plum or one of his employees were on the phone with Roselli immediately.

“They want to make sure they resolve my is- sue right then and there,” she says. “Having that personal connection with them is wonderful. I don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call them when I have a question.”

Having that personal connection and building relationships with clients is another reason why Workplace HCM is not your average pay- roll company.

“We all work together, that’s what makes us different,” he says. “Other companies want to be everything—your payroll provider, your insurance company, your benefits provider and put it all in one umbrella, but they won’t necessarily communicate and talk with you.”

Roselli says she is relieved and thankful forPlum helping her run her business efficiently.“Frank has helped us tremendously,” she says. “I recommend Frank and Workplace HCM to other business owners, especially when owners I know are looking to make a change.”

Plum says the technology Workplace HCM uses today is not just helping Roselli and other current business owners, but more importantly he says, the business owners of the future who depend on it.

“Using technology is very important today. Millennials are the largest group in the workforce— in the next 10 years they will make up 70 percent of the workforce. They are becoming business owners and the decision makers and they expect technology. They want things run efficiently.

“Our relationship with Laura and her business is helping her to be more efficient and move in the direction where she’s going to pass it to her sons who are millennials. She’s laid all the technology groundwork, going right to that millennial.”

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