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Supplies in Demand
A trio of gadgets that you may want to add to your wishlist.

by Grace Clevenger

ProPlus 30 Standing Desk

Get the benefits of a standing desk and a sitting desk all in one with the adjustable ProPlus 30 Standing Desk. Place this gadget atop any regular desk and seamlessly transition from sitting to standing with the touch of a button and receive all the health benefits associated with a full-standing desk. (, $295)
Work on the go with the laptop bag that effortlessly transforms into a workspace fit for any location. Offering multiple compartments and pockets, the bag makes it easy to not only work re- motely, but to stay organized while you do. The over 20 features include a keyboard holder, water resistant exterior, adjustable height and more. (, $180)
USHONK USB Mini Vacuum
As crumbs and dust accumulate on your desk, you can now clean it up just as easily. The USHONK USB Mini Vacuum features multiple speeds and two different nozzles to easily fit in all crevices. It charges through USB ports, making the product further accessible. (, $25.85)

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Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 9, Issue 8 (August 2019).

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