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Supplies in Demand

by South Jersey Biz-- Editorial Staff

Photos in flight (pictured)
ROVA, a new flying drone launched by Sydney-based IoT Group, allows you to take images from angles that were not possible before. The device is launched and controlled through an app on your phone and features obstacle-avoidance technology as well as enclosed propellers to help avoid accidents. For an extra layer of protection, four bumpers can be attached to the polycarbonate frame. You can save pictures directly to your device, store them on the included MicroSD card or share them via social media with the touch of a button.

Tech savvy traveler
Charge your devices in transit with 1 Voice’s Weekender Garment Bag, which can be zipped closed to convert into a duffle bag. Just attach the canvas strap and you’re ready to go. In either mode, the luggage has more than enough room to store all of your travel essentials. And, the built-in Lithium-polymer battery provides enough power to charge your smartphone or tablet three to six times.

Walking on air
Sharper Image’s hover board is back with enhancements that include a new learning mode and UL 2272 safety certification. The eco-friendly, self-balancing electric vehicle features twin 350- watt motors, large rubber tires and a built-in gyroscope that keeps the user upright. Step onto the platform and shift your weight to go forward or backward, turn left or right or spin around. You can travel up to 14 miles at speeds up to 6.2 miles per hour before needing a charge.

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 7, Issue 3 (March, 2017).
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