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The Conference Room: Adaptable Content

by Editorial Staff--South Jersey Biz

More and more people view websites primarily from a mobile device but, unfortunately, industry experts are seeing mistakes and a lot of untapped potential. We asked these professionals for their thoughts and No. 1 tip on how to make mobile content more effective.

Harry Srolovitz, Owner
Praxis Data Systems Inc., Gibbsboro
“The biggest mistake businesses and uninformed developers make is attempting to extend their existing websites to the mobile user. Not only does this deliver an unusable and frustrating experience, but it can set a negative overall impression of your business, products and services. For those businesses that take the time to understand their target market and develop engaging, easier-to-use mobile websites, the rewards can be enormous. My No. 1 tip: Hire a company that has the expertise, experience and portfolio that demonstrates their commitment to maintaining the highest level of knowledge of technology advances and user trends. Technology is rapidly changing and use is growing for every market; therefore you want to be sure your website evolves at the same rate to capitalize on mobile advancements to ensure your customers always have a great experience.”

Brian Flaim, Chief Operations Officer
BC Technologies, Vineland
“More and more businesses are moving to a ‘responsive’ Web architecture, which essentially ‘mobilizes’ a website. In a nutshell, the Web server detects the screen size of the device and then changes the layout of the site accordingly. So your site looks great on a traditional desktop as well as on phones and tablets with different screen ratios and resolutions. At BC, we started building all client sites in this manner toward the end of 2011 and have had great feedback from clients. Potential customers visiting a site immediately decide whether they would spend money on it based on how professional it looks to them, and being formatted properly for mobile devices is important for that reason.”

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 4, Issue 3 (March, 2014).
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