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Corner Office: Christopher Masso and John Torrence

by Editorial Staff--South Jersey Biz

Christopher Masso and John Torrence
Masso-Torrence Wealth Management Inc.

Marlton-based boutique firm Masso-Torrence Wealth Management has persevered since launching nearly five years ago, bringing dynamic investment strategy and flexibility to its South Jersey clients – particularly physicians, dental professionals, attorneys, and small business owners. The partners, both chartered retirement plan specialists with more than 30 years combined experience, have been frequently nominated to the 401kWire 300 Most Influential Advisors list, among other accolades. We spoke with them this month about leadership, growth and client satisfaction.

1. How has your company handled the ups and downs of the economy?
Christopher Masso: (We) started in January 2008 right before the credit crisis. Talk about downs in the market! We had a great grip on expenses and stuck to a budget, we knew that we had to spend money to expand our business we added another person to our staff to handle marketing and to keep us relevant in this ever changing wired world.
John Torrence: Many of the accountants, attorneys, and existing clients we work with have introduced us to people who haven’t fared as well or had the level of communication we provide so we have grown our business fairly substantially. Also, the significant new fee disclosure legislation affecting 401-K Plans has been a tremendous stimulus for our ERISA Plan consulting practice. We have never been busier in providing guidance to our existing clients and speaking with potential clients about the services we provide in order to help them meet the new requirements.

2. Where did your path to leadership begin?
CM: My path to leadership began soon after I was married in 1997. My wife Amy was diagnosed with brain cancer when we were 28; I found myself in my hardest leadership role which was to keep Amy positive and be able to provide the ability to seek non-traditional treatments which ultimately helped her survive years beyond what was expected. Amy was the greatest role model for strength and leadership; I continue to use what I learned from this experience in every aspect of my personal and business life.

3. How do you ensure clients’ needs are met?
JT: We focus our business exclusively on a very select group of clients: physicians, dentists, attorneys, and small business owners. By being so specialized it allows us to devote a tremendous amount of time to learning about, researching and providing solutions to the many similar challenges and opportunities they all seem to have in common. Many times a strategy or action plan we develop for one of our clients will serve the needs of other clients as well. We also spend a great deal of time soliciting feedback from our clients on how we can improve what we do for them to make sure we are meeting all of their expectations.

4. Best business advice you ever received?
JT: A mentor of mine told me early in my career “You cannot always control what happens to you in business or in life, but what you can control is your attitude and how you respond to adversity. It is your response that determines success or failure.

5. Best part of your job?
CM: The best part of my job is to be able to say that we have a great group of clients that we consider our friends. It is so powerful to help someone reach life goals and to know that we played a big part in achieving those goals. We are so blessed the see the fruits of our labor.

6. If you had to give one key to success, what would it be?
CM: Hard work! Do not be afraid to take chances, keep a positive attitude and always do the right thing for your clients. Always remembering, you have but one reputation.

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Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 2, Issue 11 (November, 2012).
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