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The Conference Room: Office Romance

by Editorial Staff--South Jersey Biz

The all-important work/life balance, which can be difficult to achieve, is critical for anyone, but even more so when you introduce marriage or dating into the workplace. Some companies may have policies in place so couples don’t work in the same department, while others have husbands and wives together at the helm. In order to remain productive, it’s essential to check your personal life at the door and know how to keep the two lives separate. Here, two local experts, who have intimate knowledge of the subject, share their advice.

Judith S. Charny, Esq. (pictured, left) and Richard Charny, Esq.
Charny, Charny & Karpousis, P.A., Mount Laurel

“When my husband and I started our practice about 13 years ago, we were committed to keeping our business and personal lives separate.”

“This is advice I would give to anyone in a similar situation. In the office, we focus on business matters and that’s where they stay at the end of each day. Once home, our activities and conversation focus on family, friends and personal interests. Maintaining a separation between these areas of our lives also symbolizes the importance of work/life balance. Within our practice, we foster an environment that encourages such a balance with all of our employees.”

“Being married and in business means both husband and wife have to view each other as equals, or the office arrangement will not work.”

Anne Klein (pictured, right)
Anne Klein Communications Group, Mount Laurel “Our marriage and our business have survived because of valuable lessons we learned from a management consultant and from experience. ... Jerry handles the business side of our firm; I am responsible for clients and client service. We collaborate and support one another in our roles, but when there is a decision to be made, the person responsible for that area has the final say. ... It’s natural to have some discussion at home. To balance, each of us has different outside interests, but we have learned to appreciate each other’s interests.”

Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 2, Issue 4 (April, 2012).
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