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Mary O. Griffin, PMP, IOM
Vice President, Member Relations and Programs, African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

by Staff

Teamwork makes the dream work, and perhaps no one knows that better than Mary Griffin and the team behind the African American Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey (AACCNJ)—the only chamber in the state that’s accredited with distinction, and the country’s only accredited African American chamber. 

Griffin says that the AACCNJ not only embraces but also embodies a culture of reciprocity, with established, successful members encouraged to reach back to give their peers a hand as they find their seat at the table.

“We’re focused on fostering mutually beneficial relationships in the private and community sectors,” she explains. “Our members have come to depend on us to advocate on their behalf and to position them so they can participate equitably in the growth and the prosperity in a state like New Jersey.” 

It’s a mission that she’s proud to be a part of, and she’s honored to use her own passions to ensure the chamber continues to be a unified vehicle of positive impact.

“Effective leadership is a dynamic interplay of setting a clear vision while ensuring that everyone’s authentic voice is heard and valued in the journey towards that destination,” says Griffin. “A great leader not only charts the course but also fosters a collaborative atmosphere where diverse perspectives and ideas are welcomed. This inclusive approach not only utilizes the collective intelligence of the team but also instills a sense of ownership and commitment in each member.”

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