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Small Business Profile

by Staff

After starting her career in marketing, sales and consulting across several different organizations, Kristina Hernandez decided to open her own firm in 2018 as a way to connect business leaders to creative solutions. She and her team of consultants at KR1STNA Media provide specialized knowledge and expertise in diverse fields such as marketing, technology, operations and strategy.

Among the many benefits they can offer clients are strategic guidance, outside-the-box thinking, cost savings, market insights, change management, and skills training for employees.

“My team and I are incredibly proud of what we've achieved over the past decade,” Hernandez says. “We’ve worked tirelessly to provide top-notch services, and our dedicated team has helped numerous clients achieve their goals. As we look to the future, we’re excited about the opportunities and challenges ahead. We remain committed to delivering innovative solutions and staying at the forefront of our industry.”

Mount Laurel
(856) 266-7329