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Close of Biz: Silver Lining

by Julie Shannon
This pandemic has certainly impacted everyone on different levels and been a tough situation for some, but it’s safe to say we all can find at least one silver lining. We asked some executives what positive thing they have found during this difficult time, along with what they love most about fall and the skill they wish they had.

What is your favorite part about fall?
Kimberly A. Cruz, Vice President, Franklin Bank
“Apple cider everything.”
Leor Hemo, Owner, Vantage Real Estate
“My birthday - Oct. 2!”
Angie Gambone, Shareholder, Flaster Greenberg
“The smell of bonfires and the crispness of the air against my skin.”
Jim Catrambone, Executive Director, The Joseph Fund of Camden
“The heightened awareness of philanthropy and giving in general, is my favorite part of fall. One-third of all giving to nonprofits occurs in the month of December.”
Kristen Cass, Director, Cooper River Operations
“I absolutely love everything about fall, but if I had to choose one thing I would say the fall leaves give such a picturesque landscape.”
Name one skill you wish you had.
Kimberly A. Cruz
“A green thumb.”
Leor Hemo
“I wish I could fly.”
Angie Gambone
“The ability to distinguish falsehoods from reality.”
Jim Catrambone
“Learnability. We live in times of rapid change. Known as NFL—or not for long—it seems like nothing is the same for long.”
Kristen Cass
“To master public speaking.”
What is one silver lining of the pandemic?
Kimberly A. Cruz
“Working from home.”
Leor Hemo
“My teenage kids are home more, I had my first flu shot in 20 years and the stock market is up.”
Angie Gambone
“Being able to witness the collective generosity of so many members of the community who have put the best interests of others ahead of their own comfort for the greater good.”
Jim Catrambone
"Togetherness in our separation is the silver lining, in both forced overt and intrinsic ways."

Kristen Cass

“It has taught so many people how to slow down their daily routine and spend that time with things in life that are important such as family.”

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Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 10, Issue 11 (November 2020).

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