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What your résumé and LinkedIn profile should look like in 2019.

by Elaine M. Damm, CEO, AccuStaffing

We live in a digital world that is constantly evolving each day. In the professional sense, it is becoming easier to submit your résumé and show your work experience, but standing out in the crowd can prove to be challenging. Though you may have a solid work history with many accomplishments, are you highlighting these achievements the proper way in your digital profile? Here are some tips to make sure your digital résumé and LinkedIn profile are appealing to decision-makers so you don’t get overlooked:

Digital Résumés
I am a firm believer that a résumé should provide information but also cause the reader to want to ask more about you. It should share what the candidate enjoys working on professionally and the environment that allows them to thrive. Make certain years of employment are noted clearly with a brief but thorough job description in a nice font style and size. PDF résumés allow you to hyperlink to your digital profiles, giving the reader the option to click these links to find out more about you.
Keywords are extremely important so remember to include relative keywords that directly target the job and industry in which you are seeking employment. Most companies these days are using applicant tracking systems that scan the content of a résumé to make it searchable. Embedding keywords in your résumé can help to show that you fit the requirements of the job opening. Due to the prevalence of applicant tracking systems, highly skilled, qualified candidates could be missed simply because their résumé is not optimized with the right keywords.
Standing Out on LinkedIn
If you decide to add your picture, upload a high-quality, clear professional profile picture. Research shows that including a picture makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed by others. Try to communicate visually that you are friendly, likeable, trustworthy and professional.
Create a headline that draws the reader in. Think of your headline as a small advertisement for you and what you do. Instead of just listing your current position, tell them what you do, how well you do it and how you can be an asset to their company.
Add multimedia to your summary. For example, if you are in the marketing field, provide photos, videos and slideshow presentations to showcase your work instead of your profile being too text heavy.
Ask for recommendations. Potential employers want to know that you are qualified and having recommendations from previous employers and coworkers will help prove this. Recommend your colleagues as well. By taking the time to write these recommendations, this shows that you value your coworkers and their efforts. This is a great leadership quality that will not be overlooked.
Keep updating your page. LinkedIn is a networking social site so stay active by posting, engaging, liking and sharing other posts. Joining groups that relate to your professional interests are important too. This is a great way to make new connections.
Elaine M. Damm is CEO of ACCU Staffing Services, an award-winning, family-owned and -operated company headquartered in Cherry Hill. With a strong background in operations, management and sales, she is responsible for cultivating business strategies but credits her family’s and employees’ effective daily collaboration for ACCU’s continual growth and annual increase in sales.
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Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 9, Issue 3 (March 2019).

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