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Talking Business
Local executives share their insight.

by South Jersey Biz

South Jersey Biz is talking to area business leaders about what makes them tick, by asking a new question each month.

This month we are asking: When you are interviewing a potential new hire, what kinds of things do you look for outside of the standard qualifications?

Gary Dahms, PE, PP, CME
president, CEO, T&M Associates

“When interviewing a prospective employee, I assess his/her level of preparedness and enthusiasm to join our firm. Has the candidate taken the time to learn about things such as our markets, clients, culture and core values? I then evaluate their ability to take that knowledge and articulate how he/she envisions contributing to our mutual success while ensuring that our values align.”

David Suleski
owner, #Techstarters
“Character is everything. If a candidate does not have exemplary character, their qualifications do not matter. We simply will not hire that candidate.”

Gregg Podolski
Director, direct hire division, Emerson Group
“Presentation and confidence. If two candidates are equally qualified from a skills standpoint, the one who looks like they won’t get rattled under pressure is the one that will makea better impression.”

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Published (and copyrighted) in South Jersey Biz, Volume 8, Issue 12 (December 2018).

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